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Welcome to Gila County Cattle Growers Association

G ila County Cattle Growers Association is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Cattle Industry throughout Gila County, Arizona and the United States.  We are committed to range conservation and preservation of open space for ranchers, the nature enthusiasts, the sportsmen, and adventurers.

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  1. Wolves are adept at determining prey vulnerability and the human victims of predatory attacks tend to be mainly on children.
  2. Recent proposals place wolf release sites where elk and deer populations are very low, and permitted cattle, including calves, horses and dogs are present.
  3.  Wolves may attack a dog even when people are present and a wolf excited by the presence of a dog may be more likely to act aggressively toward people.  Read more.


The Mexican Wolf Reintroduction and Release Program Expansion Coalition

We need your help . . .

To inform and educate the citizens of Arizona and New Mexico about the details, dangers and adverse impacts of the Mexican Wolf Release Program to our health, safety and economic well-being.

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Mending Fences

Steven Sullivan , ADOT Highway Operations Manager-Roosevelt, announced that ADOT will supply fencing materials to ranchers having fences that border a highway in need of repair.   Contact him at ( 928) 200-1661 or EMail:  ssullivan@azdot.gov .  He also requested that ranchers report all cattle that have been hit on roads.


1963 - Supreme Court Decree ends twelve years of litigation between California and Arizona over Colorado River. Arizona's 2.8 million acre foot allocation is confirmed, clearing the way for construction of the Central Arizona Project (CAP).

1971 - Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD) formed to construct Read more.

Gila County Cattle Growers Workshops

S a l u t e    t o   R a n c h i n g

Holiday Dinner - Dance & Auction


Rancher of the Year

Woody Cline has been involved with ranching all his life.  As a young boy he worked on numerous ranches in Pleasant Valley and the surrounding area.  Looking for job security. . . . Read Full Story


Wrangler of the Year

A survey of Arizona ranchers in 2010 revealed the top concern of those ranchers was drought.  Within two years the U of A decided to address the issue and see what they could do to help ranchers. . . . Read Full Story

Mike Hemovich, President of the GCCGA, presented Jim Lawrence and the Arizona Mule Deer Organization with a plaque in appreciation for their many years of support and service to Gila County Ranchers.  Over the past 10 years, the AMDO has helped our ranchers by providing

supplies and personnel to help drill wells, clean water tanks, build fences,and many other land stewardship projects to protect and sustain livestock and wildlife.

Haley Coombs, Globe, (right) and Alexandra Whaley, Payson, (not in attendance)  received awards as Gila County Bred & Fed winners at the Gila County and Northern Gila County Fairs.

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Gila County Cattle Growers Association

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